From Ed himself,

Hello. I've been playing Bluegrass music for close to 50 years. I play mandolin, fiddle, guitar, bass and a smattering of banjo. I've played and recorded with many of the finest bands in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you would like to hear my interpretation of the traditional sound, just click on the provided links.

Be sure and visit the Band page and Calendar.

I have available my instructional DVD on playing the Mandolin and several CDís with good examples of the traditional style of bluegrass music my band mates and I play. Contact me for information about these as well as CD's from Blue & Lonesome.

Come on out to one of our venues and catch a set or two.

I play by ear and believe this music is an oral tradition. I teach by example and critique. I have created a DVD with three traditional tunes played as I would play them on stage, then offering variations on that, with back up suggestions offered in a band setting. Also included is an interview conducted by Richard Brandenburg of me and a slide show of my mandolin Nugget # 1. This is the first of several instructional DVD's I plan on releasing.

Please feel free to email me with your thoughts and ideas of what you would like to learn.

Ed Neff