Bands  - Ed Neff and Friends       

sample:  "Long Journey Home"

Ed Neff & Friends is Petaluma’s own traditional bluegrass band. Ed Neff attracts some of the greatest bluegrass musicians in the Bay Area to this regular Thursday night show. These musicians represent current and historic membership of some of the most well-known bluegrass bands in northern California and beyond.

The core group consists of Ed Neff on Mandolin/Fiddle and Vocals. Jon Myer, Chris Smith or Yoseff Tucker on Guitar and Vocals. Katya Polovina or Sue Walters on Bass and Vocals. Paul Shelasky, Sue Walters or Blaine Sprouse on Fiddle. Larry Cohea, Bob Smith or Ryan Breen on Banjo and Vocals. BUT you never know who might show up from where? This is an internationally known venue and a stop on many bluegrass travelers itinerary, frequently guest performers show up and sit in for a tune or two. It is always a great evening of music, new friends and BIG fun.

Where - Petaluma California 3600 Petaluma Blvd North - The Willowbrook Ale House  

When - Every Thursday night (except Grass Valley week - Third week of June - and Thanksgiving) 7:00pm until 9:30pm or later. Sometimes the energy is unstoppable and goes much later.

Owners Gary and Bob want to extend the invitation to all lovers of Bluegrass and have vowed to keep it No Cover charge for as long as they can (20 years so far)

Good food, reasonably priced drinks, neighborhood bar scene and the Best of the West Traditional Bluegrass.

Currently Ed Neff & Friends is celebrating the 20-year anniversary of their re-occurring Thursday night gig!

It would seem Traditional Style Bluegrass is alive and well in Petaluma. If you've been meaning to come on by - now would be a good time - it's been 20 years and we'd like it to be 20 more.   EVERY Thursday. Oh! And there are 75-cent pool games and sports on the TV's.